Research Assistant

Client Requirements:

The client needed a research assistant for compiling a list of top 5000 entries which includes top 150 companies from different sectors such as manufacturing, technology, law Firms, hospitals, banking education, services, news agencies, etc. The client also demanded 25 top government agencies and 25 top Non-profit organizations and social organizations to be included on the list. He wanted such lists for each top 25 cities in the United States of America, which amounts to a total of 5000 entries. 

My contribution:

This project is collecting contact information of top 5000 companies in USA. I’ve successfully created that database. I’ve searched various website, directory, social media and completed the database.

Client’s Feedback

“Excellent Work! Perfect turn-around time. Best to work with Md. Abdullah Al M. He worked completed the job successfully with pure professionalism. And I would definitely love to hire him again.”

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