Lead Generation Strategy of potential leads

What is lead generation? It refers to an act of identifying potential clients/customers for your business and obtaining their contacts. Many people focus on generating a lot of leads forgetting that only quality leads can make a difference. For example, you can have over 1000 leads for your business but fail to make even a single sale. Contrary, you can have less than 50 leads and make 30 successful sales.

Potential Lead generation strategies that you can try

1.  Learn Search Engine Optimization

A recent study shows that 90% of search users do not go for search results past the 1st page. That makes it hard for existing or new businesses to get potential leads if they are not the first page. Learning Search Engine Optimization can is the best potential lead generation strategy on the internet right now.

Organic traffic offers high-quality leads when compared to paid advertising. Organic traffic means that people found your business legitimately. That means they have higher chances of purchasing something than compared to paid advertising.

At first, it might seem difficult, but once you get the idea, you will never turn back. SEO boils down to answering people’s questions, providing the right information, and writing clear and concise content.

2.  Build a referral system that offers incentives

Although we have seen a lot of technology advancements, word of mouth is still as strong as it’s ever been. It easy for a potential customer to purchase a product after being introduced by a friend or family member than any other method. Trust easily wins when it comes to converting a potential lead to a sale. If you sell products online, you can make customized codes for people to receive commissions after inviting friends.

3.   Test Different Social Media strategies

Social media platforms have become mean when it comes to organic means. Reason being that they want people to pay for advertising so that they can generate more income as well. However, with the rise of influencers, you can get a piece of potential leads from their social media audience. I don’t know why many people trust social media influencers, but the method always works. For example, Insta story, a new feature by Instagram, has opened its doors for influencers to generate more leads for businesses.  

4.  Events

Industry events are the best places to market yourself. People will buy from you only if they trust you. For example, Elon Musk launched a new product and got $200 pre-orders within the first week because people believe in him. You can start by offering to speak voluntarily at events related to your industry to garner people’s attention.

5.  Pay Per Click Advertising

Since SEO is a very competitive PPC can be used as an alternative for potential lead generation. The best thing about PPC is that you pay money after getting a result (in the form of a click). Furthermore, it is easy to create an advertising campaign and also to implement it. If you are looking for fast results for your lead generation campaign, then PPC is the path to take. The only disadvantage is that its not free like SEO. However, no matter which way you choose you will still get some positive results

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