Data Mining & Management

Client Requirements:

My client was looking for someone to find and centralize the contact info for 1,600 prospects per month.  The client’s requirements were First, Last, Company, Title, LinkedIn Profile Link, Website, Revenue, Country, etc. The strictly demanded email bounce rate under 10% and the companies must meet their revenue sizes. The leads must contain correct job titles and must not include more than 2 people per company. And also duplicated leads are strictly disallowed. And finally place entries on Google Spreadsheet. 

My Contribution:

I successfully completed the tasks related to gathering and keeping track of data. I had to work with their Sales Manager to receive their target criteria for every week and gather as much contact information as they needed. Add the contact information to appropriate sheets so everything is tracked and respond to messages and resolve any issues with the data. I researched many websites and used professional tools for data mining and used Google Spreadsheet to finally place entries for the collected data.

Client’s Feedback:

“We hired Masum to gather and research prospects for our different niches, including email address. The quality of data was amazing and we booked 2 sales meeting within the first week. He is very fast at searching for contact information, perfectly understands and can determine whether a company meets target criteria or not, and is great at following processes. I’m only ending this job to start a new one with him. Amazing contractor and highly recommend.”