Harvesting Email Addresses

Client Requirements

The client was looking for someone to look up each organization and find the email address of the chief operating officer, financial director, commercial director, general Director, President, Senior Vice President, managing Director, Managing Partners or event planners. The client also had some additional conditions like the names and tittles must be accurate and the email address must be genuine. 

My Contribution

I researched websites and social-media sites to find out the required information. I also used some professional lead generation tools to gather the information the client asked for. I had successfully found 3,530 emails of different organizations.  I collected their association, position, first name, last name and their email and input them on excel sheet. Finally, I submitted the project within the submission deadline. 

Client’s Feedback

“It was a great experience working with him. Excellent quality of the work and accurate lead generation. Hopefully I will work with him again.”