Lead generation – emails and client profiles

Client Requirements:

My client needed to collect information about people who are interested in personal development, business growth & success strategies living in the USA or Canada. Moreover, they should be interested in working with a coach or consultant. Their age range should be in between 35 to 65 years and annual income should be more than 50,000 dollars. My client needed the information about their first name, last name, job title, duration of the job, personal email address, phone number, location, business name and website address.

My contribution:

I collected the leads from LinkedIn sales navigator, twitter, and facebook. I also used google, rapportive and other tools. Thus, I successfully completed the job and delivered her the project within the deadline.  

Client’s feedback:
“Abdullah was very pleasant to work with. This was a Job well done! He was excellent in communicating and he delivered the work as promised once we were able to agree on the terms. I plan to keep him on to continue gathering leads and for other projects as well!”