LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filtering

Client Requirements:

My client needed someone to filter companies based on location and indicate the result in an Excel file. He provided me a list of selected states in the USA and he wanted me to filter the companies based on those locations. I was assigned for filtering the companies from Marketing and Advertising industry. He also instructed me that the company headcount may be anything expect 1-10. Finally, they wanted me to show the total results in a excel file. 

My contribution:

I have access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I’ve successfully filtered and collected the information from LinkedIn sales navigator. Then I displayed the outputs in the following format:

Location: Name of the state

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Company headcount: everything except 1-10

Total Result:

Client’s Feedback:

“Very efficient professional. Cares for the job. He maintains quality more than anything. I’ll surely offer him again. I’ll recommend him if you want quality of the task.”